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As many areas of British Columbia struggle with lower home values, Victoria's homes are on the market for a shorter amount of time and often sell at a higher price point than the surrounding area. Why is this? Why should you, more importantly, consider the purchase of a home in this area?

Victoria Home for Sale

Victoria Home for Sale. Image Provided by VREB MLS.

Victoria is known for many things. It is a large city and one with some of the most beautiful (and historically important) government buildings. The city is also known for its architecture, much of which dates back more than 100 years. And, you will find there are some neighbourhoods here that look as though they have been taking directly from Old French of Old English regions. Aside from all of this, though,

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Are you looking for a stellar place to call home in Victoria? Perhaps you are drawn to the natural surroundings of Southern Victoria. You may long to be along the Pacific Coast, but far enough away from the tourism centres and busy downtown areas. That's what the area of Southern Victoria can offer to you. There are various neighbourhoods here including the Highlands, Brentwood Bay, Deep Cove and Saanich. Each one is quite distinct, but all offer some of the most impressive places to buy a home.

A World Away

Highlands, BCOne of the key features of Southern Victoria is that it is more remote. There are plenty of opportunities to find something special and valuable here. But, as you move down the highway, you will come along Highlands. This is a remote area and

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One of the most beautiful and popular places to call home along the Pacific Coast is Victoria. This community of about 80,000 people is located on the southern tip of Vancouver Island and it offers some of the best amenities. It is also home to a growing economy, a strong tourism industry, a stable natural environment, and plenty of things to do and see. If you are planning to relocate here, take a closer look at a few of the best neighbourhoods to consider.

Empress Hotel - Victoria, British Columbia

Downtown Victoria

A primary option for those looking for a stellar place to call home in a trendy, diverse community is the Downtown area. This is where everything is including BC Museum, designer boutiques, coffee shops, and all of the Parliament buildings. It is also home to an urban vibe,

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Upscale, luxury real estate in Victoria is often in demand today. As the economy improves and more home buyers enter the market, we are seeing home values grow. That is also increasing the demand for luxury real estate options in some of the more exclusive areas of the city. One of those areas is the Uplands. It is a portion of Victoria, British Columbia and offers some of the highest values of homes in the region. It could be the ideal place for you to buy your next home.

What You'll Find in Uplands

Uplands, Victoria BCAmenities near a Luxury Home in Uplands, Oak Bay

Uplands is quite the unique location. It is home to many of the wealthiest families in the city. There are various reasons that this location is called the ideal home and sought after by those with the

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When it comes to buying real estate in Victoria, British Columbia, there are many regions of the city to consider buying into. Choosing the best neighbourhood for you and for your family can be a challenge with so many options. One of the best regions of the city is Oak Bay Village. There are many opportunities to find something that fits just about any need in this region.

Oak Bay Village Offers Charm and Location

Oak Bay - Victoria, BC

Oak Bay Village provides a unique atmosphere for real estate buyers. This enclave of Victoria is commonly known as more English than England and that's present in every component of the city from the traditions and culture along with the architecture. What's nice about this area is that it is only a few minutes to Downtown Victoria.

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Empress Hotel in Victoria, BC

There are plenty of reasons to call Victoria, British Columbia your next home. If you, like many other people, want to find out if this is the right place for your to buy a home, take into consideration a few of the key reasons why you simply cannot overlook what this area has to offer.

The Outdoor Amenities

Perhaps the biggest reason people purchase real estate in Victoria is to enjoy the outdoors more fully every single day. The numerous gardens and parks here make it an ideal place to visit, but also to call home. Of course, you can spend your weekends golfing or whale watching, whatever works for your needs.

The Commercial Sector

Victoria has a thriving commercial centre. You will find numerous chains in this area, but also various local

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Take a few minutes to think about the ideal home for you and your family. Chances are good you will find just what you are looking for in Victoria, British Columbia. A thriving community with outstanding amenities and some of the best local attractions and features, there are plenty of reasons to call this area home. But, can you find the type of real estate that you want to own here?

Home Sales in Victoria, British Columbia

Modern Single Family HomeWhen it comes to homes for sale in Victoria, there are plenty of options. As of November of 2015, there were more than 2950 active listings in the area. But, while that number is quite impressive, there are about 18 per cent fewer options in the area than the same time in 2014. This shows the demand for high-quality real estate

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Downtown Victoria - Image Credit:

In most cases, the downtown areas of cities are known for the best entertainment, which often leaves the outskirts of town overlooked. In the case of Victoria, British Columbia, there is plenty to do outside the downtown comfort zone. Here are just a few things you can do.

The Beer

Who doesn't like a cold beer on a hot summer day? Ok, so maybe not everyone likes beer. If you do, beer is a big part of the things you can enjoy. There are a total of eleven breweries in Victoria, including Lighthouse Brewing and West Coast Brewing. Both offer brewery tours and tastings.

There are also a lot of pubs serving locally brewed craft beers and English style beers. In fact, Canada's oldest pub, Spinnakers, is only a fifteen minute walk from the blue

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Zambri's - Image Credit: restaurants throughout Victoria and the surrounding area provide a variety of great choices for your dinner, lunch or breakfast. Local ingredients, from local growers are used in many of the top restaurants. Farm-to-table is a popular choice in the area and provided by Sooke Harbour House and Zambri's. Whether you want to dine Oceanside or take a seaplane for some of the best fish in chips in the world, you can find it here.

Sooke Harbour House is one of the best restaurants in the area and known across the globe. It features West Coast cuisine with a menu full of daily changes. The cuisine feature greens, herbs, fresh seafood and more. The restaurant was named the best on Vancouver Island by Vancouver Magazine and is the winner of this award for

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Mayne Island - Image Credit:

The Gulf Islands is a group of islands that is located just to slight to the north of Sidney BC. It is almost right on top of Nanaimo. This group of islands includes:

  • North Pender Island
  • South Pender Island
  • Salt Spring Island
  • Saturna Island
  • Galiano Island
  • Mayne Island
  • Thetis Island
  • Gabriola Island

If you are someone who likes to travel you might be wondering – should the Gulf Islands be on your bucket list? Is this somewhere you absolutely have to go before you die? The key to answering that question is learning more about these islands. What are they like? What will you find? By learning more about them, you can decide whether or not they should be on your bucket list.

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