May 2016

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James Bay is perhaps one of the most interesting of all areas in Victoria, British Columbia. This charming neighbourhood sits just to the southwest to the downtown Victoria area. It is the oldest residential area on the West Coast of the country and that means there is an incredible amount of character here. It is perhaps the most historically driven area of the region.

The community sits on a peninsula that has water on all three sides, providing many homeowners here with water right outside their door. You will find that this can give you the access to the waterways that you crave, especially if you are looking for a second home tucked into the wilderness that’s not too far from all of the amenities you need. Keep in mind that James Bay is still

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There has long been a push for many people to move outward from the urban centres and into more suburban areas. Today, there, there is growing reason and value in living in the downtown areas of many of the area’s big cities. Living in Downtown Victoria, for example, could be one of the best decisions you make. If you have not explored this area of British Columbia yet, now is the time to do so. You may find it is a vibrant, upscale, and modern area with numerous housing options.

Why Live Downtown?

The Downtown Victoria area has plenty to offer today’s home buyer. It is, however, a popular destination for area tourists and with good reason. This is where everything is including stage theatres, numerous movie theatres, restaurants, and trendy

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